Complete payment solutions for all your business needs

Fairway Payments wants to help simplify how you do business by empowering you to incorporate the process of taking payments whenever and wherever it makes the most sense for you and your customers. Whether it is in your store, at your customer’s location, on the go, or online, Fairway can provide the technology and the insight to make transactions happen – seamlessly, simply and securely. More than providing merchant processing hardware and software, Fairway delivers comprehensive business solutions that can optimize your processes and help your business grow. To all of our clients we provide:


Payment Solutions Suite

Fairway supports a complete suite of payment products and solutions, including credit and debit card processing, mobile solutions, Virtual Check (ACH), gift and loyalty programs, e-commerce shopping cart capabilities and more.

Comprehensive SDK

Fairway is committed to helping you process payments your way. Our comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) enables the integration of our technology into virtually any existing application.

A One Stop Solution

By combining our innovative products and services with “best-in-class” customer service, Fairway is a one-stop shop uniquely structured to meet the needs of your business every step of the way.


Fairway provides peace of mind with a safe, secure and PCI compliant processing environment that can help protect your company – and your customers from cyber theft, fraud, and suspicious activity.

Easy Setup

Fairway solutions require no IT resources to install, making it simple and affordable to get up and running with the latest solutions and start operating your business at peak performance.

Agile and Intelligent

Fairway’s tightly integrated solutions provide integrated payment regardless of how or when the payment is taken.

Discover the benefits of Fairway

Over 90% of web purchases are made using credit or debit cards. Learn more about the advantages that come with Fairway’s Debit and Credit Card Processing flexible solutions.